What If You Could Learn How to Lose The Weight AND Keep It Off
...Without Resorting to Restrictive Diets and Constantly Feeling Like A Failure?
What If You Could Learn
How to Lose The Weight AND Keep It Off
...Without Resorting to Restrictive Diets and Constantly Feeling Like A Failure?
In Diet Disruption  health and mindset expert Jennifer Powter shares how to ELIMINATE the top 3 most common Weight Loss Blocks that prevent women over 40 from losing weight: 
  • Self-Sabotage: Finally understand how to break the pattern of knowing better but not doing better
  • Emotional Eating:  Recognize all of the root reasons the extra weight has come on and what to do about it
  • ​Yo-yo dieting & Chasing Mondays: Learn how to put an end to the vicious cycle
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ELIMINATE the  top 3 most common Weight Loss Blocks that prevent women over 40 from losing weight: 
  • Learn how to break the weight-loss habit of dieting so that...
  • Uncover the 5 biggest mistakes women make when trying to lose weight
  •  Adopt simple tweaks to your lifestyle to learn how to lose weight AND keep it off
  •  Get to the real root of the issue and understand why permanent weight loss hasn't happened for you yet
  •  Release shame and guilt so you can regain your emotional energy to lose weight for the final time

What Women Are Saying About Diet Disruption
 Best-Selling Book On Amazon


Jennifer Powter

Diet Disruptor Jennifer Powter MSc coaches successful women just like you who want to finally feel good in their body, understand their relationship with food, break free of emotional eating, and lose weight for good.

Jennifer certainly knows her stuff – as well as holding a Master's degree, she’s a qualified Clinical Exercise Physiologist, a double-certified Health and Life Coach and an Emotional Intelligence practitioner, with decades of success helping women all over the world achieve freedom with weight loss.

Clients use her revolutionary Metabolic Profile Index (MPI) assessment, where Jennifer breaks down the science of physiological transformation into simple, actionable steps so the path to healthy weight loss becomes a breeze.

What Jennifer's Clients Are Saying About
Diet Disruption

"Jen has discovered the formula for permanent and healthy weight loss.."

Through extensive education and research, Jen has discovered the formula for permanent and healthy weight loss and she shares those tools in a very understandable way. But most importantly, Jen opens the door to rediscovering your self-worth, which is where your life changing transformation truly happens! An excellent read!!
Dawn  Handwerker, Client

"This is a deep dive into the real reasons we use food..."

This book isn't about a diet or a solution that relies on gimmicks and tricks. This is a deep-dive into the real reasons we use food and drink to cope with emotions. More importantly, it offers strategies for how to uncover and address these reasons making it truly a prescription for lifelong, sustainable change.
Lisa Mullis, Client

"Every woman needs to read this book..."

I hurt my back exercising and was at an all time high with my weight and low with my motivation. Now I understand ALL of the reasons I was turning to food and wine. Every woman needs to read this book whether they need to lose weight or not!
L. Chmilar, Client

"This book is my bible to better health."

This book is my bible to better health. I have a good mindset because of it. Believing in Jennifer helped me believe in me.
Doreen Gibson, Client

More Awesome Reviews For Jennifer's
 Best-Selling New Book!

This is the best weight loss book I've read covering mindset, reasons we overeat, and self-sabotage. For an outer transformation to happen, you have to do your inner work. It’s about getting in touch with your feelings and being able to know what’s going on for you. The book will teach you how to create a lifestyle so that you can live for the rest of your life where you get to have freedom with food. 

Margaret Buj, Interview Coach

Jen Powter puts everything on the metaphoric table in her new book, Diet Disruption. It is THE solution for chronic dieters. By sharing her personal and clinical experience, Jen leads with empathy. Her training and references to that experience add credibility and science to back it all up. 

Mindy Gorman-Plutzer, FNLP, CEPC, CHC

This book explains how our emotional relationship to food is a critical piece of the healthy weight loss puzzle. It shows us how to combine sensible nutrition with an appropriate mindset for success that lasts. The best part is that she shares her knowledge and expertise in the voice of a girlfriend you chat with over a cup of coffee!

Cindy McHardy BSc, RHN

The information in this book just works. I knew there should be a better way to break free from the "diet" world and Jen effectively covers it in the cut to the core, honest approach of her book. 

Lorelei Shearer, 
Chartered Accountant

This book speaks to my heart like no other has. It never even occurred to me to ask myself 'why am I overweight?' Jennifer Powter has got under my skin and right to the heart of my issues. Be careful though, this book could change your life forever. 

Vivienne Millar

Jen's book is a real approach to lifestyle changes to promote weight control and good healthy habits. She helps to get "under" the reasons we struggle with weight and comfort habits; it is emotional work but her book guides you through the process to be real and truthful with yourself - setting you free. 

MM, Owner of Balanced

Thank you for disrupting my self-sabotaging thoughts! I'm already implementing the straightforward strategies (for myself and my clients) laid out in this genuine and fun read.

Heather Aardema, NBC-HWC, FMCHC

Jen Powter is just so darned sensible. If you want to cut through the crap and actually DO something about your weight, read this book, and then—DO it!

Judith, Chronic Dieter, Happy Reader 

This book gets to the root of a woman's weight issues and uniquely guides her on a clear path to a healthy weight. Everyone on the weight loss merry-go-round deserves the information within its pages.

Wendy Huelsman, Retired

A really fascinating read - shows the inner work that is truly required to achieve lasting and permanent weight loss!  

Andrea Renaud-Blonde

Jen has written an incredibly powerful book - that speaks directly to my decades of struggling. This book and her teachings have changed my life forever and I am grateful beyond words. 

Leslie M., Client



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